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The Slovenian cycle path Jakobova  is run through many regions: Dolenjska, Central Slovenia, Notranjska, Karst, Primorska, Gorenjska, Prekmurje, Haloza and Štajerska. Due to the geographical diversity, the route is picturesque and scenic, as it constantly undulates up and down, between vineyards, agricultural fields, across the plateaus to the sea. Only the Ljubljanska barje and the Prekmurska plain offer a bit more plain. The less trafficked, mostly asphalted routes take pilgrims through settlements and villages to larger cities. The red thread of Jacob's Way is the church of St. Jakob, which are often on the tops of hills, to which more or less steep slopes lead. On the way, we visit cultural attractions, pilgrimage churches and monasteries, and it is also worth looking at the many chapels and landmarks that our country is particularly rich in. 

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The daily stages, as described by the cycling guide, vary slightly in length and difficulty. Because of the time required for cyclists from all over Slovenia to arrive at the starting point, the routes are always shorter on the first day. Both in terms of length and ascents, the five-day central Jacob's route from Slovenska vasa to Trieste is the most demanding with  335 km and a total of 5,270 altitude meters (VŠM). The four-day Prekmursko-Stajerska Jakobova pot with 265 km and 2800 VŠM is also quite demanding. The shortest and least demanding is the three-day Višar Jakobova pot with 165 km and 2070 VŠM. The stages are designed for all-day pilgrimage cycling for well-prepared cyclists with stops at churches, sights and lunches. The average cyclist must prepare for this route, as our routes are more demanding than the Spanish Camino due to the many slopes. Pilgrims with a lack of time and fitness can only do the pilgrimage for a day or two and continue the journey a second time. In this way, they can also join an organized pilgrimage within the framework of the Society of Jacob.

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On the Spanish Camino, there are many affordable lodgings (albergs) available to pilgrims, which are co-financed by the European Community as an integral part of the European cultural route. In Slovenia, as well as in most of the European countries along which Jacob's Way leads, there are no such accommodations available. However, the offers along all the routes are bigger, better and more affordable year after year, as tourist farms, monasteries, private individuals and guesthouses have recognized the needs of pilgrims. You could say that  history repeats itself, as it happened a thousand years ago at the beginning of the first pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. 

Cyclists who decide to go on a pilgrimage according to the stages specified in the cycling guide get all the information about lodgings and guesthouses in the guide and can book them by phone or online. Dinner and breakfast are mostly offered in the listed accommodations. On group pilgrimages, a joint lunch is organized along the way. 

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On all three Ways of Jacob, the cost of accommodation with dinner and breakfast and lunch is around EUR 50 per person per day. Each pilgrim contributes 1 EUR to the donation in each church of St. Jakob and 1 EUR per day for the Mass donation, which amounts to 17 EUR for the Šentjakob route (12 churches of St. James and 5 Masses), 9 EUR for the Višar Route (6 churches of St. James and 3 Masses) and the Prekmursko- Styrian route 11 EUR (7 churches of St. James and 4 of St. Mass). 

Each pilgrim voluntarily contributes 20 EUR for the maintenance costs and for the development of the cycle paths of Jacob in Slovenia. Members of the association who pay an annual membership fee of EUR 20 can participate in the pilgrimage without a contribution. The price of the pilgrim's passport is EUR 5, the certificate of completed route is EUR 5, and the price of the pilgrim's flag is EUR 8.

Due to the remoteness of the start and end of the Šentjakob route, the start of the Prekmursko-Stajer route and the end of the Višar route from Ljubljana, we organize organized group transport from Ljubljana to Brežice by train (around 6 EUR), from Koper to Ljubljana by train (around 7.5 EUR), from Ljubljana to Kobilje by bus (around 20 EUR) and from Jesenice to Ljubljana by train (around 5 EUR). 

Each pilgrim takes part in an organized pilgrimage at his own risk. In case of possible health or technical problems, the other participants provide assistance to the pilgrim as best they can.

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Early rise and breakfast. Common morning prayer before departure. Departure from the resting place at 7:30 am. Stops, short prayers according to the intentions of the pilgrims and singing in the churches of St. Pilgrimage churches of Jacob and Mary. Reading short passages from the letter of James once a day. Every day, the pilgrimage of St. mass and shared lunch. Stops at landmarks along the way and at the top of slopes, which everyone can ride according to their abilities. 


Cyclists who sign up for a pilgrimage within the framework of the Jakobova pot Slovenija - Camino cycling association have the opportunity to purchase quality social cycling equipment with the symbols and inscriptions of the Jacob's cycling association. The offer includes: women's and men's t-shirts with or without long and short sleeves, warmer t-shirts with long sleeves, shorts with or without straps, gloves, pantans, bofis (scarves), thermal and anti-sweat tapes. Orders are accepted by Andreja Peklenk (GSM 031 376 416,

The design of the equipment was designed by Helena Štefanič, and it is manufactured in Trgovina Žolna in Ljubljana. Subscribers are informed when they can pick up the equipment in Žolna and pick it up and pay for it themselves. 

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