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Odtis kapesante na kamnitih tleh pred Cerkvijo Marije Tolažnice v Malih Vodenicah




In the 10th century, pilgrimages to St. Jakob Komposteljski. The Camino de Santiago, as the Spanish call it (the Way of St. James in Slovenian), has become the third Christian way of God, right after Jerusalem and Rome. Routes from all parts of Europe led to the famous city of Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain. Later, the path lost its importance, but it was never forgotten. It flourished again in the second half of the 20th century. Pilgrims who reached Santiago in the past usually went to the west coast of the Atlantic, which is today called Finisterra (end of the world). As proof that they were at the saint's grave, they brought home a scallop shell from a long journey. Hence the name "Jacob's shell" or capesanta - sacred shell. That is why the recognizable symbol of both the Spanish Camino and all the Ways of Jacob in Europe, which lead through different countries to Santiago de Compostela, is the yellow capesant shell and the yellow arrow. Each country designs its own type of shell and arrow. 

Signs on the bike path


Information board


Jakob's cycling route is marked by:

  • round blue sticker with a yellow shell, in which there is a bicycle and the inscription Jakobova pot Slovenija - Camino

  • yellow arrow on a blue background

  • direction sign with a stylized Jacob's shell, bicycle path sign, cyclist and the inscription Slovenska kolesarska Jakobova pot 

The signs were designed by Helena and Franc Štefanič and are protected as the intellectual property of Jakob's cycling association and registered in the register of marks at the Intellectual Property Office. Signs in Slovenia are affixed or attached to buildings, public lighting, road signs, trees... with the permission of all the municipalities through which the route passes.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of organized pilgrimages, the Jakob's cycling association set up information boards with Slovenian Jacob's routes and all the information about both cycling and walking routes in all the regions through which the Jakob's route leads: in Dolenjska, in Nove Mesto in front of the Capitol, in central Slovenia in front of the church St. Jakob in Ljubljana, in Prekmurje in front of the pilgrimage church of Mary the Assumption in Turnišče, in Styria in front of the Basilica of Mary the Protectress with a mantle on Ptujska Gora, in Gorenjska in Kranjska Gora in front of the rectory of the parish church of the Assumption of Mary and in Primorska in Predjami in front of the church of the Sorrowful Mother of God in the immediate vicinity Predjama Castle. Boxes with seals of the Slovenian Way of Jacob are also attached to the boards.

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