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PREKMURSKO-ŠTAJERSKA Jakobova pot, 265 km:         _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_        

Mares  - Ljubljana
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The diligent members of the association continued their mission of reviving the old pilgrimage routes in Prekmurje and Štajerska. They found out the interesting information that Count Ulrik of Celje made a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in 1429 with 60 horsemen across the Tuhinjska Valley and even borrowed money from his father Count Friderik for the journey. On St. James's Sunday, July 27, 2014, the opening and blessing of the third walking and cycling route of St. James was held in the Church of St. Jakob in Dobrovnik in Prekmurje. St. the mass was led by the bishop of Murskosobo, dr. Peter Štumf, who blessed the new path and together with the mayor of the Municipality of Dobrovnik, Marjan Kardinar, opened the Prekmurska-Stajerska Jacobova path. 

The cycling route runs through Prekmurje and Štajerska through the following municipalities: Kobilje, Dobrovnik, Turnišče, Beltinci, Črenševci, Odranci, Ljutomer, Ormož, Gorišnica, Dornava, Ptuj, Hajdina, Kidričevo, Majšperk, Makole, Poljčane, Slovenske Konjice, Vojnik, Celje , Žalec, Polzela, Braslovče, Vrana, Kamnik, Vodice, Medvode, Ljubljana. The pilgrimage route passes 7 churches dedicated to St. Jacob the Elder in Dobrovnik, Ormož, Galicia, Kamnik, Hraše, Stanežiče and in Ljubljana. The pilgrimage ends in the church of St. Jacob in Ljubljana, which is the meeting point of all three Slovenian Ways of Jacob.



The Church of the Assumption of Mary in Turnišče is the main pilgrimage center of the diocese of Mursko-Sobo

2. Brod na Muri.jpg

The boat in Melinci is one of the four boats that still sail across the Mura river (including Jacob's Pilgrims)

3. Jeruzalem, Marijina cerkev.jpg

Jerusalem, a place in the middle of the Styrian vineyards, is connected with the crusader knights to Jerusalem in the Holy Land, also known for its tradition of viticulture

4. Kip Rudolfa Maistra v Ljutomeru.jpg

Statue of Rudolf Maistro in Ljutomer

5. Ptujska gora.jpg

The Basilica of Mary the Protectress with the Mantle on Ptujska Gora, which is considered the most beautiful Slovenian Gothic cultural monument. There is also a statue of St. Jacob.


Ptuj, the oldest documented city in Slovenia with an outstanding cultural heritage

6. Žička kartuzija.jpg

Žička Kartuzija, formerly a regular European center with a rich library


Galicia, the place with the church of St. Jakob in Styria, probably named after the Spanish province of Galicia, where St. Jacob

7. Grad Žolnek.jpg

Žovnek Castle, one of the oldest castles in Slovenia, where the Counts of Celje come from


Kalvarija pri Smlednik with its 14 baroque rococo Way of the Cross chapels is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Slovenia

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