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The text of the song was written by Helena Štefanič and she also set it to music with her husband Fran. The song has become the anthem of Jakob's cycling association and is sung at all organized pilgrimages. The first stanza emphasizes that the path connects the pilgrims with each other, in the next three stanzas they travel along the Jacob's Way through various Slovenian regions, and in the last stanza the pilgrims recommend themselves to the protection of St. to Jacob.

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Pesem Camina
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Let's hit the road

to Jacob's way!

Let's go on the Camino,

on the Camino across Slovenia.


The path will connect us

and she will make friendships,

when we all search

peace, love without lies.


Across Dolenjska and across Krka

and over the hills to Ljubljana,

through the Marshes, the Karst field,

across Primorska, there to Trieste.


Across Gorenjska and across Sava

and on Brezje to Pomočnica,

mountain paradise below Triglav,

to Marija on Višare.


Across Prekmurje and across Mura,

Haloze and Ptujska Gora

and across Styria,

the path takes us to Compostela.


Saint James, be with us,

protect us from evil and defend us,

if we go astray,

let the star shine for us.

Camino – Spanish term for the pilgrimage route that leads to the grave of St. Jacob in Santiago

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