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335 km, 5270 altitude meters
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In 2010, the central Jakobova footpath and cycle path from Slovenska vas at the Slovene-Croatian border crossing Obrežje pri Brežice to Trieste was marked and marked. The ceremonial blessing and opening of the path  was held at St. Jakob, 25 July 2010, with Holy Mass in the Church of St. Jakob na Ponikva, which is the first church dedicated to the apostle Jakob on this route. The mass and blessing was led by prelate dr. Janez Gril from the Diocese of Novo mesto. 

The cycling route runs through Dolenjska, Osrednja Slovenia, Karst and Primorska and through the following municipalities: Brežice, Krško, Kostanjevica na Krka, Šentjernej, Novo mesto, Straža, Žužemberk, Trebnje, Ivančna Gorica, Grosuplje, Škofljica, Ljubljana, Brezovica, Vrhnika, Logatec , Postojna, Vipava and Sežana. The pilgrimage route passes 12 churches dedicated to St. Jakob the Elder, which are in Ponikva, Kostanjevica na Krka, Hrušica, Vavta vas, Vrhtrebnje, Velika Dobrava, Polica, Ljubljana, Blatna Brezovica, Studen, Štjak and Trieste. In Podraga near Podnanos there is a mosaic of St. Jacob. Also interesting for the pilgrim is the impression of Jacob's shell in the steps of the branch church of St. Maria Tolažnice in Mali Vodenice nad Kostanjevica.  

The longest Slovenian Way of Jacob ends in the Church of St. Jakob in Trieste, in which a Slovenian priest says mass in the Slovenian language every day. Pilgrims can return to Ljubljana by train from Trieste or Koper.


34. Kostanjevica na Krki.jpg

Kostanjevica Castle, otherwise known as the Monastery of St. Mary's Well, which houses the gallery of Božidar Jakac and a rich museum of 20th-century Slovenian fine art. In the surroundings of the castle there is a forma viva - the first in Slovenia


The pilgrimage church with the statue of Mary of Lourdes in Lourdes near Šentjernej was built in 1908 - on the 50th anniversary of the Lourdes apparitions

36.smostan Pleterje.jpg

The Carthusian monastery in Pleterje is the only active Carthusian monastery in Slovenia.

37.samostan Stična.jpg

The Cistercian Abbey Stična is the oldest still functioning monastery on Slovenian territory.

38. Sv. Mihael Plečnik Črna vas.jpg

Church of St. Mihaela in Črna vas is the work of the famous master Jože Plečnik.

39. Predjamski grad.jpg

Predjamski Castle near Postojna is a picturesque castle carved into the rocks, where Erazem Predjamski, who is also called Slovenian Robin Hood, lived in the second half of the 15th century. 

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